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Maybe fight off that fever… The fever for… Read More. Not so convincingly, explains the rabbi, as after he had seen that even travel had left no touch on her countenance. But with Sarah it was different, for even when she was 90 years of age she was so lovely that Abraham feared that kings would fall in love with her bewitching beauty—which Pharaoh and Abimelech did, as our next glimpse of her proves.

As one of the most beautful women who ever lived we can imagine that wherever she journeyed the admiring eyes of all were cast upon her. When famine drove Abraham and Sarah into the land of Egypt, and they felt that hostile kings might take them prisoners, Abraham came up with the abject, base proposal that if taken prisoners then his wife should represent herself as his sister. Fear of death unmanned him and led him to risk the dishonor of his wife and thereby save his own neck.

She dearly loved her husband, and his life was too precious to her to make her think of the shame she might incur.


Abraham felt that if oriental despots knew that Sarah and he were married they would slay him and add the lovely woman to their harem. Married to a conspicuous beauty caused Abraham to be afraid, and he resorted to a falsehood to save his life. If taken, Sarah was not to say that she was his wife but his sister. This pretense was not an outright lie, but a half-truth, seeing that she was his half-sister. They were children of the same father, but not the same mother.

But God protected her by sending plagues upon the monarch. Pharaoh sent her back to her own husband, untouched. The same unworthy plan was carried out when Abimelech, king of the Philistines, admiring her bewitching beauty had her taken to his harem. But again God interfered and commanded the king to restore Sarah to Abraham, seeing she was his wife.

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Threatened with violent death, Abimelech obeyed, but severely rebuked Abraham for his deceit Genesis ; God expressed His displeasure with Abraham and his wife because of their ill-conceived plot. As the Righteous One, He could not condone such trickery. Had He not called them out from their country for a specific mission? And was He not able to protect and preserve them from harm and danger in a strange land?

Compare Hagar. A half-truth is always a lie. How slow we are to learn from our past failures? The one great grief of Abraham and Sarah was that through their long life together they had no children. To a Hebrew woman, barrenness was looked upon as a gnawing grief, and sometimes regarded as a sign of divine disfavor.

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Childless, even when back in Babylonia Genesis ; , Sarah remained so until at 90 years of age God miraculously fulfilled His promise and made her the mother of the son of promise. There is as yet no heir. Such a cross as barrenness inflamed and intensified her pride, and forced her to find a way out of this embarrassment to her husband. Through her I can continue your hereditary line. It was only through Sarah that the promised seed could come.

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Although it might have been a custom of the time for a man with a barren wife to take a concubine in order that he might have an heir, Abraham, as a God-fearing man, should have stoutly refused to go along with the unworthy scheme, which in the end produced jealousy and tragedy.

As one modern writer expresses it—. Little did Sarai think when she persuaded Abram to take Hagar, that she was originating a rivalry which has run in the keenest animosity through the ages, and which oceans of blood have not quenched. In His forgiving love and mercy God appeared to Abram when he was 99 years old, and assured him that his long barren wife, although now 90 years old, would conceive. Laughter is sometimes mad Ecclesiastes but that of Abraham was highly rational.

He rejoiced in the thought that Isaac should be born, and perhaps at that time he had a vision of the Messiah. She had laughter before, but God was not the author of her laugh of doubt. Paul reminds us that it was by faith that Sarah conceived beyond nature Hebrews It was not only in itself a miracle wrought by faith, but also in earnest of something far greater, even the Incarnation of Jesus Christ.

Sarah is the only woman whose specific age is stated in Scripture. Sarah called herself old when she was 87 Genesis , but she was years of age when she died.

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Abraham had reached the patriarchal age of when God called him home. Godliness has always been favorable to longevity.

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The day came, then, for Sarah to leave the world in which she had sojourned so long, and hers is the first grave to be mentioned in Scripture. Although Abraham and Sarah were nomads living in their tent in a desert land, the aged patriarch wanted a more permanent resting place for his beloved wife than the shifting sand of the desert.

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Here vultures and beasts of prey would wait to gorge themselves off the dead, leaving behind nothing but white bones. When Sarah saw her husband and son leaving the tent, taking with them wood and a large knife she became terrified with shock and died.

When Abraham and Isaac returned—Isaac brought back from the dead as it were—it was only to mourn and weep for Sarah. When Paul came to emphasize that law and grace cannot exist together Galatians , and uses the two sons of Abraham to illustrate the contrast, he mentions Hagar by name, but not Sarah. The reason she received strength to bear Isaac when she was so old was because she came to believe in the faithfulness of God. Then Peter takes his brush and adds another touch to the portrait of Sarah 1 Peter , where she is especially distinguished for obedience to her husband, becoming thereby a model of wives in subjection to their husbands.

Beautiful, strong-willed and determined, Sarah, although on two occasions she lost her temper, never disobeyed her husband. From the moment she left Ur of the Chaldees with her husband, she became the obedient wife.