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Last edit by Joonas Lautala. Everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain Can't have a rainbow without a little rain So come, rain on my sunshine As the sun goes down I know it's time - It is my time To be a memory It's out there somewhere I'll find it soon And I know it looks a lot like you It's out there somewhere Out there Hey you I wanna know is your glass half full, empty or in-between You can't have happiness without a little rain As the sun goes down I know it's time - It is my time To be a memory It's out there somewhere I'll find it soon And I know it looks a lot like you It's out there somewhere Out there It's out there somewhere!

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No translations available. You know the difference.

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Out There Somewhere

For a more detailed explanation of the rules, click here. The crazy part is it could genuinely be sat gathering dust in some random shed behind a random old man's house in a random tiny village in Austria somewhere, and we would never know.

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Or in a mostly abandoned military warehouse. It was previously thought to probably be a one-off pet project to shrink down the MG It could be somewhere gathering dust or it could have gotten destroyed in a fire accident, flood, rotted and rusted away, someone destroyed it, building was demolished with the weapon inside and so on. Things get found in unusual places tho. They found documents about Japanese experimental tank in some shrine so Imma go check my grandma's basement and attic, could have that hellrigel given we used to be in Austria-Hungary.

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If anybody has the "Hellriegel M" protoype, it's probably in some archive within the Museum of Military History in Vienna, Austria. Many quite obscure one-off protoypes of Austro-Hungarian weapons reside there. One thing that comes to mind is Franz Kretz's conversions of straight-pull Mannlicher rifles into machine guns and "manual" slamfire machine guns. Some of these were also water-cooled. Furthermore, Kretz did some work with the likes of Edmund Tatarek and Friedrich Blum, pioneers of the Trommelmagazin drum magazine.