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University of Pittsburgh bolstered the multidisciplinary nature of their team by coordinating an interprofessional trivia night and forum. In addition, the team partnered with the nonprofit Operation Better Block to coordinate a health fair, providing point of care testing and health care counseling to over 80 attendees.

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The team was also able to integrate Script Your Future messaging during patient intake and consultation through partnership with the Birmingham Free Clinic. The team expanded their outreach to church and nursing home settings across ten discrete events throughout the Challenge. Pharmacy, medical, nursing practitioner, and optometry students from Northeast Ohio Medical University College of Pharmacy NEOMED focused their health disparities driven outreach to underserved populations with respiratory illnesses.

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In an effort to combat high smoking rates in their community, the team also placed a great emphasis on smoking cessation related outreach efforts. As a result, the team engaged in efforts to teach proper inhaler usage in patients with respiratory illnesses such as asthma and COPD. The team also expanded their outreach to middle and high school aged children to emphasize the value of adherence and respiratory health by demonstrating proper inhaler usage and technique.

Pharmacy, medicine, physician assistant, and nurse practitioner students collaborated to produce nine public service announcement videos across various social media platforms. The team used the diversity within their members to their advantage by catering messaging to reflect relevant issues affecting their patient populations.

The team also expanded their reach to local newspapers to amplify the value of taking medications properly and in a timely manner. The University of Charleston School of Pharmacy partnered with nursing, physician assistant, and health promotions students to organize multiple health fairs and Script Your Future events throughout the Charleston and southern West Virginia regions.

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2 Americans and British scientist win Nobel Prize for medicine for learning how cells use oxygen

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1. Ronald Ross (1902)

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He soon found the cause for that phenomenon: the different blood types A, B and O which he called C.

The 12222 Ig Nobel Prize Winners

Later, his colleagues also discovered the blood type AB. Because of these findings, safe blood transfusions became possible.

Nobel lecture: Yoshinori Ohsumi, Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine 2016

Three Nobel Prizes went to the discoverers and developers of antibiotics, among them Alexander Fleming , who discovered penicillin. Today, antibiotics are still some of the most commonly used drugs and often save lives. New kinds of antibiotics constantly need to be developed, however, as bacteria become resistant to the medicines.

Following that discovery, DDT became one of the most used insecticides worldwide. But then it turned out that DDT was damaging to the environment, especially to birds, and its use is now frowned upon. But it is still being used is places where mosquitoes are known to carry malaria. German physician Werner Forssmann received the Nobel Prize together with two colleagues for the development of cardiac catheterization. Forssmann conducted the procedure for the first time on himself. It calls for inserting a tube into an artery in the hand, bend of the elbow or the groin, and pushing it up to the heart.

When you wanted to see the inside of a human body, there used to be only one way: X-rays. But by now, doctors have superior methods. One of them is computed tomography CT , which also uses x-rays, but takes detailed pictures of the body's "layers" as if it were cut into slices. The discovery was followed by that of magnetic resonance tomography MRI , which works with harmless magnetic fields.

Thanks to Harald zur Hausen from the German Center for Cancer Research, we know that the human papillomavirus can cause cervical cancer. This knowledge helped the development of vaccines against the virus. Girls and women can now be vaccinated against the viral type of cervical cancer. Robert Edwards developed the in-vitro fertilization. The first baby that was created this way was born in England in Advancements improved the method's success-rate further.

Globally, several million in-vitro babies have been born. We all have natural defenses against tumors in us. We only need to release the natural brakes in the immune system. James P. Allison and Tasuku Honjo have laid the foundation for a cancer treatment in which tumors which have already formed metastases recede.

At the end of the therapy, many patients remained cancer-free — a huge breakthrough. A German scientist was awarded an Ig Nobel prize for discovering that holding a pen in your mouth does not bring joy. Other winners proved that one testicle is warmer than the other and that banknotes spread disease. William Kaelin, Peter Ratcliffe and Gregg Semenza have been awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine for their discovery of how cells sense and adapt to oxygen availability.

The Swedish body that picks Nobel literature laureates but hit by scandal in has named a new secretary. Professor Mats Malm will run the Swedish Academy, which plans to belatedly declare its award this October. Professor Karen Keskulla Uhlenbeck is noted for her work on the geometric analysis of surfaces.

The Norwegian Academy also noted her dedication as an advocate for gender equality science and mathematics. Since , when the year the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was first awarded, medicine has come a long way. But many discoveries researchers made back then still help patients today.

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Three scientists have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for their pioneering discoveries of the way cells sense and adapt to oxygen availability. More info OK. Wrong language? Change it here DW. COM has chosen English as your language setting. COM in 30 languages. Deutsche Welle.