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During a weekend trip to Palm Springs, where we often went to escape crowds of LA, I noticed he lacked energy and complained of aches in his legs.

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Wes, a romantic and accomplished gay man in his forties, thinks that he has his life in order. He has been in a relationship for years, and he is confident that he knows what the future holds. Now Wes must fight to regain his equilibrium and build a new life in a new city—while somehow holding on to the stability of his lost past.

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A robust yet disparate group of friends, lovers, and acquaintances become his guides on a new series of international escapades in which Wes finds himself uncompromisingly involved. Falling Forward is an anthem for the positive acceptance of change in an uncertain world. Wes is now forced to acknowledge that his life is built upon little twists of fate and choices.

Failing Forward : Turning Mistakes into Stepping Stones for Success

Ultimately, Wes must decide if he is one of those brave adventurers willing to achieve the highs of finding love, even at the cost of possibly losing it. Stastny built a career in systems development, working for major international corporations. He was a consultant for the United Nations in Quito, Ecuador. He is an amateur horticulturist who enjoys studying native desert plant life. Formats Softcover.

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The great news: they are all on order in our catalog, so you can start placing your hold requests now! But with a story told through the lens of a child, what is the reader to believe? In modern day, Sarah, a writer struggling to find the focus of her next best-selling book, embarks on a quest to investigate the life of her great-grandfather, a passenger on the ship.

In a journey to the past, we meet Caroline, a wife eager to reconnect with her distant husband, and Tess, a con-artist eager to carry out a heist.