Guide Extraordinary Centenarians in America: Their Secrets to Living a Long Vibrant Life

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Treat everyone the way you want to be treated, work hard and love what you do. Anthony Mancinelli still cut hair at age and lived independently. His advice: "Don't stay mad at anything — you have to get used to the losses, otherwise you can't win.

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According to the author, most of the centenarians did not smoke. A few were moderate drinkers. They followed no special diets and ate moderately. Genetics counted, but it wasn't the whole story. Most of the participants had disease in their family and managed to avoid it.

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The author found mental attitude and lifestyle were important factors because they coloured how much people enjoyed life. These centenarians had a real passion for life. All touted a reason to get up in the morning. Alyse Laemmle, a former life insurance agent, offered this advice: "Never run out of responsibility; if you don't have one, find one. Find a cause and knock yourself out for it. It will enhance your brainpower, interest in life and keep you alive longer.

Finding the Secrets to a Long (Vibrant) Life

They did manual labor and smoked and drank alcohol. In addition, he found many to be sexually active. In some cases, their own memories actually put them past years of age. Davies sought to find the factors that allowed these people to live for so long and so healthily.

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Davies concluded that environment may be at least as important as heredity, and he dived into the mysterious benefits of the mountainous paradisiacal Ecuadorean environment known for certain physiological oddities as early tooth loss, late menopause, and a virtual absence of heart disease and cancer. He mentioned a low humidity environment combined with even temperature, the abundance of trace minerals in the soil which grows their food, the altitude, and prolific medicinal herbs growing readily at hand as contributory factors.

They enjoyed freedom from stress and a pervading sense of tranquility combined with physical exercise and a very simple but balanced diet. Although heredity is often considered a factor in longevity, this factor could be debunked by the studies of twins who have ancestors of old age and share near identical DNA and in which one twin dies very early compared to the other twin.

A factor that seems to be prevalent among centenarians interviewed is that they continue to be engaged fully in life. Their focus is on living and therefore they continue to live.

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Instead, the continue to explore to learn and to grow. Author Gwen Weiss-Numeroff, plagued by memories of her brother dying of leukemia at age 9, her best friend dying of cancer at age 33, her secretary dying in her early 50s and her mother of ovarian cancer at 70, wanted to ensure her life would be long, healthy and vibrant.

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She says:. Each one of these people was outstanding in a unique way.

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  • My personal observation is that many centenarians have an admirable ability to keep going, to reassess and cope with life at every turn despite their ever-increasing limitations and disabilities. They maintain a positive yet realistic outlook while reaffirming their desire to live and their love of life. In this remarkable spirit lives the common thread. Ageless La Cure SkinCare encourages vibrancy of life and attitude with its organic certified line of anti-aging products rich in essential oils and other proven effective and natural compounds and ingredients.

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