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Cedite Romani scriptores, cedite Graii Et quos fama recens vel cclebravit anus. Haec quicunque leget tantum cecinisse putabit Maeonidem ranas, Virgilium culices. Samuel Barrow, M. Pardon me, mighty poet, nor despise My causeless, yet not impious, surmise. That majesty which through thy work doth reign Draws the devout, deterring the profane. Whence furnish such a vast expense of mind? Just heaven thee like Tiresias to requite Ke wards with prophecy thy loss of sight.

I too, transported by the mode, offend, And while I meant to praise thee must commend. Thv verse created like thy theme sublime, In number, weight, and measure, needs not rhyme. Not without cause, therefore, some both Italian and Spanish Poets of prime note, have rejected Rime both in longer and shorter Works, as have also, long since, our best English Tragedies, as a thing of itself, to all judicious eares, triveal and of no true musical delight; which consists only in apt Numbers, fit quantity of Syllables, and the sense variously drawn out from one verse into another, not in the jingling sound of like endings, a fault avoyded by the learned Ancients both in Poetry and all good Oratory.

Then touches the prime cause of his fall, the serpent, or rather Satan in the serpent; who, revolting from God, and drawing to his side many legions of Angels, was by the command of God driven out of heaven with all his crew into the great deep. To find out the truth of this prophecy, and what to determine thereon he refers to a full council.

What his associates thence attempt. Ariosto Orl. Orlando Innara. BOOK I. Nine times the space that measures day and night 83 Who ] v.

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Senecse Ep. Gower, Cont. And till then who knew The force of those dire arms? Hei mihi!

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Queen, b. And study of revenge, immortal hate And courage never to submit or yield, And what is else not to be overcome ; That glory never shall his wrath or might aw Extort from me. But see! See Pricseura ad Apulei Apolog p. Seest thou yon dreary plain, forlorn and wild, iso The seat of desolation, void of light, Save what the glimmering of these livid flames Casts pale and dreadful?

One no. And so in the Oi'lando Innam. Orbis, p. Brerewood on Languages , p. Is this the region, this the soil, the clime, Said then the lost arch-angel, this the seat That we must change for heaven, this mournful gloom For that celestial light? The mind is its own place, and in itself Can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven. Dyce refers to Quintus Smyrnaeus, lib. Or in this abject posture have ye sworn To adore the conqueror?

Awake, arise, or be for ever fallen! While the promiscuous crowd stood yet aloof? Old Euphrates: v. Gen d. We had the fortune to see what may be supposed to be the occasion of that opinion which Lucian relates concerning this river Adonis, called by the Turks, Ibrahim Bassa, viz. Something like this, wo saw, actually came to pass, for uie water was stained to a surprising redness, and BOOK I.

In courts and palaces he also reigns, And in luxurious cities, where the noise Of riot ascends above their loftiest towers, And injury, and outrage: and when night bleating] v: Exod. Numb, xxxiii. Maximus, Lib.

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Spartiatarum, quorum procedit mora ad tibiam, nec adhi- betm ulla sine Anapaestis pedibus hortatio. Who calls the Pigmies pucpovg dvdpag : oi pinpol, pyolv, dvdpeg ul ralg yepdvocg diairolepovvTeg. See also Juliarii An- ticens.

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Brunck, vol. A Xpan Uvypaiov rj6op. Also Plin. Dyce refers to Q.

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Smymaeus, lib. Let none admire 69 o That riches grow in hell: that soil may best Deserve the precious bane. Ovid Met. Quasqne recondiderat, Stygiisque admoverat umbrie, Effodiuntur opes. Anon out of the earth a fabric huge Rose, like an exhalation, with the sound Of dulcet symphonies and voices sweet, Built like a temple, where pilasters round Were set, and Doric pillars overlaid With golden architrave ; nor did there want ns Cornice or frieze with bossy sculptures grav n.

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The roof was fretted gold. Singer, p. Much higher than the proudest battlement of the old heavens. Shelton, 12mo. Lost, cd. Georg, i. But far within, And in their own dimensions like themselves, The great seraphic lords and cherubim In close recess and secret conclave sat, A thousand demi-gods on golden seats, Frequent and full. After short silence then And summons read, the great consult began.

A third proposal is preferred, men- tioned before by Satan, to search the truth of that prophecy or tradition in heaven concerning another world, and another kind of creature, equal, or not much inferior, to themselves, about this time to be created: their doubt who shall be sent on this difficult search: Satan their chief undertakes alone the voyage, is honoured and applauded. He passes on his journey to hell gates, finds them shut, and who sat there to guard them, by whom at length they are opened, and discover to him the great gulf between hell and heaven: with what difficulty he passes through, directed by Chaos, the Power of that place, to the sight of this new world which he sought.

And trust themselves to fear no second fate.

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A inpog, fiapftupcf and Virg. Where there is then no good so For which to strive, no strife can grow up there From faction ; for none sure will claim in hell Precedence, none, whose portion is so small Of present pain, that with ambitious mind Will covet more. Queen, vii. BOOK n. Mixt with Tartarean sulphur and strange fire, His own invented torments. Let such bethink them, if the sleepy drench Of that forgetful lake benumb not still, That in our proper motion we ascend 75 Up to our native seat: descent and fall To us is adverse.

Georg, iv. What fear we then?


Or, if our substance be indeed divine, And cannot cease to be, we are at worst On this side nothing ; and by proof we feel Our power sufficient to disturb his heaven, And with perpetual inroads to alarm, Though inaccessible, his fatal throne: Which, if not victory, is yet revenge.

Jiyov KpeiTTo noiuv. Plato, Ap. First, what revenge? Will he, so wise, let loose at once his ire, Belike through impotence or unaware, To give his enemies their wish, and end Them in his anger whom his anger saves To punish endless? Wherefore cease we then? And plunge us in the flames? He from heaven s highth. Thyer, and Mr Todd on this line. Besides what hope the never-ending flight Of future days may bring, what chance, what change Worth waiting, since our present lot appears For happy though but ill, for ill not worst, If we procure not to ourselves more woe.

This must be our task In heaven, this our delight; how wearisome for happy ] Compare Theognis, ver. This deep world Of darkness do we dread? As he our darkness, cannot we his light Imitate when we please?